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Cape Verde


Cape Verde is synonymous with rich cuisine, with the traditional Cachupa, the well-known tuna steak, the Xerém, or even the typical Modjo from S. Nicolau.


Cape Verde is the art of Morabeza, which reflects the warm welcome of the people, is the symbol of Sodade, as shown in the voice of Cesaria Evora, and of Cretcheu, the sweet and romantic side of a country.


Cape Verde is a sweet and tender melody like Morna and the hot rhytms of the Funaná.


Cape Verde is also an example of democracy, stability and prosperity. The ex President Pedro Pires won Mo Ibrahim`s award, as a recognition for its record on human rights and good governance. Cape Verde became only the second African country to graduate from the United Nation's least-developed category.

Sal Island


It is one of the smallest inhabited islands, 50 km from Boa Vista, the nearest island.

Because there wasn`t drinking water, the island was abandoned till 1833, the year where it started the salt exploitation in Pedra de Lume. This activity originated the settlement.

In order to be a stopover for flights to South America, the "International Airport of Sal" was built in 1939 by an Italian initiative. This was when it started the implementation of the rainwater capture systems, allowing the increase of population, mainly through internal migration in the archipelago. The airport was renamed after independence Amilcar Cabral International Airport.

Sal Island has 35,000 inhabitants and is close to the African continent, which makes it vulnerable to hot and dry wind that carries the desert sand from the Sahara. The extreme flatness in spite of its volcanic origin - the lack of mountains except in the north of the island - makes it a very arid island with long sandy beaches and a pleasant climate with little temperature variation, between 24 º and 30 º.


The island has natural and artificial “Salinas” and natural rock pools, like the so called “Buracona” on the west north coast of the island. Espargos is the capital and the most populated city. Santa Maria in the south, is the tourist center and the second largest population of the island. Palmeira is essentially a fishing village and Pedra de Lume is a small town where you can find the wonderful “Salinas”.

Apart from the official Portuguese, Cape Verdean Creole is used daily by the majority of the population in Sal.

The most famous personality of the island was the songwriter and singer Ildo Lobo, who died in 2004. His versatile and melodic voice and his powerful presence on stage made him one of the greatest performers of Cape Verde.