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Fortaleza is the capital of Ceara. The city's motto is the Latin word "Fortitudine" which means "strength and courage." Fortaleza is the Brazilian capital closest to Europe. It is also one of the citys of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


Fortaleza is a major industrial and commercial center of Brazil. In tourism it presents attractions such as the Fortal in July or the Ceara Music in October, and the largest aquatic park in Brazil, Beach Park. Its airport is Pinto Martins International Airport and the city is the birthplace of the writers José de Alencar and Rachel de Queiroz, the comedian Tom Cavalcante and the former President Castello Branco. The “ Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura” (CDMAC) is currently the main cultural area of Fortaleza, with museums, theatres, cinemas, libraries and a planetarium.


The climate is hot, with average annual temperature of 26.5 °C. The Ecological Park Coco is the largest green area of the city and the largest ecological park in Latin America. Fortaleza has Parangaba lagoon, known for its fair, and Messejana Lagoon, where it is the largest statue of Iracema in Fortaleza, and also the Opaia, Maraponga and Porangabuçu Lagoons.


The coast of Fortaleza has an extension of 34km, with a total of 15 beaches. Praia da Barra do Ceará is of great importance as it was where Fortim São Tiago was built.

Praia de Iracema has one of the busiest nights around, with its bars and some historic buildings such as São Pedro's Church and the Metal Bridge, as well as art galleries and the CDMAC. It is ideal for fishing and surfing.


Praia do Meireles in Beira Mar Avenue, is well known for its handicraft fair. 

Mucuripe is famous for its fishing community and for the lyrics of Fagner that illustrates the raft and the fisherman. Every day, in the evening and in the early morning, you can see the arrival and the departure of the fishermen. It has a bustling fish and seafood market and the oldest statue of Iracema in the city, inaugurated in 1965. 

Praia do Futuro is one of the most visited by tourists, with many "tents" - little restaurants specialized in seafood. One of the typical dishes is “Carne de sol”. Seafood is present in many dishes, such as “moqueca de arraia”, “peixada de cavala and pargo”. Shrimp and crab are also very popular.


Nossa Senhora de Assunção is recognized as the patron saint of the city. Forró is the most popular musical genre, with several concert halls around the city.