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Oasis Atlantico was formally created in 1998, despite its project having started years before with the acquisition and remodelling of Porto Grande Hotel (Mindelo) in 1995, or even before that, in the early 90´s, after a trip to Cape Verde islands, when a group of partners acquired the
Full Renovation of Oasis Praiamar Hotel

Reopening with new rooms and with new leisure areas.

Renovation of 25 rooms of the Oasis Atlantico Porto Grande Hotel, in S. Vicente Island.
Opening of Oasis Atlantico Salinas Sea Hotel in Sal Island. First 5* unit of the group in Cape Verde.
Renovation of the rooms of Oasis Atlantico Fortaleza & Imperial Hotels.
Presentation of the new model unit of the Salinas Sea Development.
Launch of the new project in Sal Island - Salinas Sea.
Beginning of the renovation and redecoration of Oasis Atlantico Novorizonte and Belorizonte Hotels, in Sal Island in Cape Verde, including the creation of new leisure areas.
Opening of Oasis Atlantico complex in Fortaleza, which includes Oasis Atlantico Imperial Hotel *****, Oasis Atlantico Fortaleza Hotel ****

With a convention centre with a full capacity of 1700 people, and a commercial area with shops and restaurants.

Conclusion of the renovation and enlargement of Oasis Atlantico Praiamar Hotel, now with 123 rooms, including 3 suites and 1 presidential suite.
Opening of Praia das Fontes Hotel - a resort with 253 rooms, located 78 km south of Fortaleza.

The hotel was renewed and totally redecorated.

Construction of 60 new superior rooms in Belorizonte Hotel, including a new swimming pool, a new reception and a new meeting room, modernly equipped.

Inauguration of the first renovation phase of Praiamar Hotel, with the opening of a bar / disco near the hotel, named "Capital".


Geographic diversification with the acquisition of several pieces of land in Ceará, Brazil.

Building of Novorizonte hotel, with 130 bungalows.

The year of 1999 represented the beginning of ACV activities - Avis rent a car for Cape Verde.

Acquisition / Privatization of 3 hotel units - Belorizonte Hotel (90 rooms, Sal Island), Praiamar Hotel (59 rooms, Santiago Island), Xaguate Hotel (18 rooms, Fogo Island).

First enlargement of Belorizonte Hotel (Sal) with more 83 bungalows and all the necessary support equipment, including the construction of a new restaurant with a large animation space (Salinas Bar).